How do I fix xbox one black screen of death

How do I fix xbox one black screen of death

The Xbox One has grown to be among the most well-liked gaming consoles available, but it is not without its issues. Typically, a console dashboard bug causes the xbox Black Screen of Death problem. This could occur if the system is unable to properly load the dashboard after waking up from rest mode.

xbox one black screen of death
xbox one black screen of death

Fixes for xbox one black screen of death 2021.

A. Fix Startup Problem.

1. The black screen of death may appear while your Xbox is booting up for many Xbox customers. Here, we’ll go over how to resolve startup-related problems. 

2. Wait for 10 mins. We advise allowing your Xbox to remain in this state for 10 minutes at first if it is not starting up properly and displays a black screen. 

3. Disk eject. However, you can eject the disc to potentially update the system if your Xbox screen does not return to normal after ten minutes.

4. Switch off your console. Reset your Xbox by simply maintaining pressure on the Power button. After keeping the power off for at least five minutes, turn the Xbox back on. Your screen ought to work properly after you restart the computer. 

B. Start the Xbox Startup Troubleshooter.

1. You must turn off your Xbox in order to access the Xbox starting troubleshooter. 

2. Next, you must simultaneously hit the Pair, Eject, and Xbox buttons. Then, press and hold the Eject and Pair buttons for a minimum of ten seconds each. The Xbox startup troubleshooter page will appear as a result. 

3. You’ll be on the troubleshooting page after the Xbox has been powered back on and is back online. You can either choose to factory reset your Xbox from here. Another option is to update the system. Both solutions might be able to fix a black screen.

C. Restart console.

* Start by quitting the game. 

* After you finish your game, turn off your console. 

* You can then turn on your console and restart any open programmes or games after a little delay. Your games should be completely accessible and loadable, and the black screen should be gone.

D. Changing tabs.

One of the easiest ways to remove the black screen of death is to switch tabs. Especially if your screen goes blank when running your system. 

Simply hit the Home button on the controller for your console to begin. You should be able to switch to another tab as a result of doing this.

E. Press the RT+ Y Buttons. 

Additionally, pressing specific Xbox One buttons can be useful. The RT+Y buttons in particular may be useful. 

You should press the following buttons as your console comes on. To for your console to function, you must first hold down the Right Trigger and then the Y button. As you watch the pins move on your screen, do this. Everything on your dashboard and home screen should then appear normally after that.

That’s it now you can fix your issues through the above mentioned method. I hope this article helps you.

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