YouTube videos loading but not playing

YouTube videos loading but not playing

Today, everyone uses YouTube on their computer, iPhone, or Android device. However, some users are complaining that while loading on their device, YouTube videos not playing

YouTube videos loading but not playing
YouTube videos loading but not playing

You may be experiencing this problem for a number of causes, including a poor internet connection, an inaccurate proxy configuration, bitrate problems, a corrupted copy of Adobe Flash Player, an incorrect date and time setting, browser cache and cookies, and more. Without further ado, let’s explore how to resolve the YouTube videos loading but not playing problem.

using the troubleshooting steps described below:

Method 1: Set the proper time and date. 

1. Right-click the taskbar’s date and time, then choose “Adjust date/time.” 

2. Ensure that the switch for “Set Time Automatically” is turned on. 

3. Toggle the “Synchronize with an Internet time server” box to the on position in Windows 7’s “Internet Time” menu.

4. Select “” as the server, then click “Update” and “OK.” You are not required to finish the update. Simply select OK.

Method 2: Delete Cookies and Cache from Browsers.

A long period of time without clearing the browsing history can also result in YouTube videos not playing chrome or YouTube not loading on chrome.

Google Chrome’s browser data clearing:

1. To view history in Google Chrome, open it and press Ctrl + H. 

2. From the left panel, click Clear browsing data after that.

3. Ensure that the “beginning of time” option is chosen. Remove the upcoming items from. 

4. Additionally, mark the following: 

Search history 

History of downloads 

Cookies and additional browser and plugin data 

Cache files and images 

Fill forms automatically 


5. Press the button to clear browsing history and wait for it to complete. 

6. To save changes, close your browser and restart your computer.

Method 3: Ensure that your browser is updated. 

A Google Chrome update:

1. Click the three dots in the top right corner of Chrome, choose Help, and then click on About Google Chrome to update Chrome.

2. Check to see if Google Chrome has been updated; if not, click the Update button. 

This will upgrade Google Chrome to the most recent build, which may enable you to play YouTube videos that are loading slowly, then you will not face issues like YouTube not loading on chrome and YouTube comments not loading.

Method 4: A. Get rid of temporary files.

1.To access Windows Settings, press Windows Key + I. Then select System > Storage. 

2. Select “This PC” and click when you see your hard drive partition listed. 

3.Go to the bottom of the page and select Temporary files. 

4. Click the button labelled Delete temporary files. 

5.After the procedure above is complete, restart your computer.

B. Manually Remove Temporary Files 

1. Type temp and press Enter after pressing Windows Key + R. 

2.Press the Continue button to access the Temp folder. 

3. Select every file or folder in the Temp folder and delete it permanently. 

Note: You must click the Shift + Del buttons in order to permanently remove any file or folder. 

Check to see if you can resolve the YouTube Videos loaded but not playing issue; if not, move on to the next approach.

Method 5: Reset the browser’s settings.

Chrome should be reset. 

1. Launch Google Chrome, then select Settings by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner. 

2. Scroll to the bottom of the settings window and select Advanced. 

3. Once more scroll to the bottom and select Reset column. 

4.Click Reset to proceed once a pop-up box asking if you wish to reset appears.

Don’t be afraid to attempt the solutions listed in this article to fix the problem if your YouTube videos aren’t playing. You can always find a workable approach here, whether you’re using a computer or a phone. Hope the above mentioned methods in this article helps you to resolve the issues.

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