Steps to install realtek high definition audio driver windows 10.

Steps to install realtek high definition audio driver windows 10.

This article offers 4 thorough methods for installing Realtek high definition audio driver Windows 10. MiniTool programme offers expert tools and instructions for recovering lost data from a Windows 10 computer, managing hard drive partitions, and backing up and restoring Windows systems.

install realtek high definition audio
install realtek high definition audio

Realtek HD Audio Driver is typically already install on Windows systems to control sound settings. An essential programme included with the Realtek Audio Driver windows 10 is the Realtek Audio Manager. It facilitates volume control in Windows 10, speaker/microphone configuration, sound effect enhancement, volume boost in Windows 10, etc.

How to install Realtek HD audio drivers:


Make sure to save any work before starting the Realtek drivers download. System restart will complete a procedure.

1. Click on the following Realtek link here:

2. Once there, pick the driver version that corresponds to your Windows operating system.

3. Select “Download now” to begin. Run the setup after downloading. Next, then take any necessary actions.

4. If you already have Realtek audio drivers set up, the installation will first uninstall them.

5 After then, a request to restart your computer will appear. Click on “Yes, restart my computer now” . Select Finish.

6. After the installation is complete and your computer has rebooted, the Realtek audio drivers should now be properly installed.

Tip: Double-check the driver’s installation to make sure it went smoothly. Check the output device to see if it says Realtek by clicking the speaker icon in the system tray (you may need to change the output device)


1. Realtek High Definition Audio on Windows 10 to download or install, you must first identify the type of motherboard-integrated sound card that is present.

2. Open the “Device Manager” and choose “Sound and video controllers and game controllers” to accomplish this.

3. The Realtek High Definition Audio driver install by click on download.

4. Restart your computer after downloading the driver, and then follow the installation instructions to finish the procedure.

5. Open the Device Manager in the Control Panel to verify that the proper audio driver will install. 6. On the right side of the window, click the Device Manager link. Locate the Realtek folder in Device Manager; it should be on your OS drive.

7. You can check for it in the same folder as your audio drivers if you haven’t already.

8. By selecting “Hardware and sound” under the Settings page, you can also confirm that drivers will install.


Get the Realtek Audio Driver from the OEM Manufacturer and install it.

Generally speaking, the procedure described above can be used to locate a driver update. Try downloading the most recent update from the official website instead if Windows is having trouble finding it. It is Realtek’s webpage in this instance.

1. Check out the Realtek website.

2. Click Overview under

3. Downloads as you scroll down.

In the search box, type “audio” and press the Enter key.

4. Now, a list of various drivers will appear.

5. Choose Computer Peripheral ICS from the drop-down menu next to Product Line.

6. Once more, in the new window, select PC Audio codecs from the drop-down option.

7. Choose between ALC892, ALC892, or ALC898.

8. Download the Realtek audio driver for Windows 10 that is compatible with your system architecture at this time.

9. After downloading the file, double-click it and adhere to the on-screen directions to install the most recent Realtek HD audio driver.

That’s all there is to updating & downloading realtek HD Audio Drivers for Windows 10 or realtek audio driver windows 10 64 bit; just follow these easy instructions. I sincerely hope that this post was helpful to you in every way and that you had no problems using the techniques.

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