Ways to contact piriform Ccleaner by phone

Ways to contact piriform Ccleaner by phone

One needs to contact the CCleaner whenever they encounter any glitches or issues with their CCleaner tool. CCleaner helps the users in many ways like deleting the junk from the system and protecting the system from online threats and dangers. It maintains privacy as it deletes browser history. A user can use the service on their Mac, android, and windows. And due to all these excellent and significant functions, many users use the service of the CCleaner.

contact piriform CCleaner by phone
contact piriform CCleaner by phone

But despite being a popular tool, it also has some drawbacks or flaws. And in order to fix them, a user needs the Telephone number for CCleaner Support.

Here the tech will solve your CCleaner issues like:

Problem 1: CCleaner is not working

This is one of the issues a user may come across while using CCleaner. There are multiple reasons for the issue, but a user can fix the issue very easily. Try to Remove the CCleaner Entry Keys from the Registry Editor, this will help you out.

Problem 2: CCleaner installation issue

In case of an installation issue, try to install the CCleaner in the Safe mode. Also, a user needs to make sure the installer isn’t trying to install into a non-standard location. Another thing you could do is to check the internet connection.

Problem 3: CCleaner is not clearing the chrome browser

Another problem users may face while using the CCleaner is that CCleaner is not clearing the chrome browser. When CCleaner doesn’t clean Chrome history, it means a user needs to ‘Sign In’ to your account. 

Problem 4: CCleaner is not working on Windows 10

One of the easiest and most effective ways to fix CCleaner that is not working on Windows 10 temporarily disables any third-party antivirus programs and Windows firewall. A user can also try to run the program as an Administrator to get rid of the issue.

Problem 5: CCleaner is not working on Mac

A user can also contact the CCleaner support to get rid of the CCleaner not working on the Mac issue.

How to contact piriform CCleaner support

A user can contact the piriform CCleaner contact number USA or contact piriform Ccleaner by phone by using the following methods:

  1. Toll-free services: One of the easiest ways to be in touch with the CCleaner pro customer care phone number is as it is free of cost, and you will listen to the professional so that you will get the solution as soon as possible. You will have the toll-free number on the official website of CCleaner. Initially, they want you to fill out the form of the respective issues. Then you can have the number where you can call the technician so that the issue which you are facing can be solved as soon as possible.
  2. Email services: These services may be considered for the late response people ask for the solutions on the mails, and they get the response after a day but there is a detailed response for the respective issues. The mail address is on the official website; you can see that and submit your request for the solutions.
  3. Social media handles: Nowadays, everybody is using Social media. Thus, you can also request the solution on the CCleaner social media handles. 


CCleaner is one of the best tools for cleaning the system space. It optimizes your system space and makes your system works faster and smoother. But now and then, a user encounters many CCleaner issues. And to fix these issues, you need CCleaner Support. A user can contact them in many ways as mentioned in the article.

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