Contact aol desktop gold phone number

Contact aol desktop gold phone number

Read this article to Contact aol desktop gold phone number. The platform through which you can access your AOL account is known as AOL Desktop. It is one of the oldest email servers. It has been trusted by the users over a long period of time. It has very trustworthy and reliable service. It comes up with the feature of web browsing and email. It helps you to organize your mails in a sorted manner. 

Contact aol desktop gold phone number
Contact aol desktop gold phone number

Nevertheless it comes up with noteworthy features but like any other software it has also some vulnerable features.

While you are facing these problems, you will look for the immediate help and to do so you can call at the AOL desktop gold customer care number.

List of issues with aol desktop gold

Login problem

If you have forgotten your AOL password then it will hamper your login in your AOL account. There are many times when you cannot remember your AOL password and in these cases you look for the solution that helps you to use your account normally. You can use the various methods to reset your password; you can ask for the recovery link on your secondary mail and recovery password on your registered phone number. Your credit card information also helps you to recover your password.

AOL Desktop installation issue

You can face some issues while installing the AOL Desktop and there can be many reasons behind this. Some of the reasons are your downloading speed is low, your file freezes while installing, and your system does not meet the specification specified by the AOL. To resolve this problem, first you need to check the internet connection because

Sometimes internet speed hampers your installation process. And you also need to check that you have sufficient space in your system and your drivers are updated.

Internet can be the problem

Sometimes your network issues create problems. Low speed of internet and internet not working properly generates some error. So check your internet connection to resolve this issue.

AOL Desktop not responding

There can be various technical reasons behind this issue. This situation leads your AOL desktop to work slowly and sometimes it gets hanged. To resolve this first delete your junk files from your system as well as delete files from the temporary folder.

Unable to send AOL emails

One of the common problems of AOL Desktop is that you are not able to send or compose AOL emails. This is frustrating when you need to do some urgent work.

Restarting your computer and using another browser are some solutions that help you to get rid of this problem.

AOL Desktop icon missing

Another common problem of the AOL Desktop is that the AOL Desktop icon is missing. You can access the software through its icon and when the icon is missing then you are not able to access the software. It stops you from using your AOL Desktop service like you are not able to send emails and manage your account. Several issues can be the reason of this problem

like your system is affected by the malware and your system files have been affected by the viruses. If this problem occurs you should reinstall your AOL Desktop Gold icon; this might help you to resolve this issue.

These are some common issues that a user can face while operating the AOL Desktop. These are some problems that hamper your AOL Desktop service and that is the reason why you are not able to access your account.

Aol gold email tech support phone number | Contact aol desktop gold phone number

You can contact them from various means like:

  1. Call: You can call them to sort out your problem.
  2. Chat: You can also contact them via chat option.
  3. Twitter: They also have their twitter handle, so if you have any query then you can also visit their twitter handle to resolve it.
  4. Facebook: You can also use their facebook to send your query.

Hope the article troubleshoot your queries.

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