Turn off Chrome notifications Windows 11

Turn off Chrome notifications Windows 11

Turn off chrome notifications windows 11 is common issue read this to get answer. Chrome is built to be the quickest web browser available. It launches online sites, numerous tabs, and programmes in a flash with only one click. V8, a faster and more powerful JavaScript engine, is included with Chrome. Chrome also uses the WebKit open source rendering engine to speed up the loading of web pages. 

Turn off Chrome notifications Windows 11
Turn off Chrome notifications Windows 11

Website notifications are quite useful in keeping you informed about any important mail or message. You can also be notified when a shared file is modified or uploaded. The possibilities are infinite. 

Notifications, on the other hand, are not necessarily advantageous to the recipient. They can seriously stifle work by sending notifications from non-essential websites.

Fortunately, you can turn off notifications from specific websites, opt to have them delivered discreetly to you so they don’t disrupt you while you’re doing other things, or turn them off completely.

Chrome notifications can be turned off in a few different ways.

Follow below methods to fix Turn off Chrome notifications Windows 11

Method 1: Disable Windows 11’s notification pop-ups.

When you’re working on your computer with your whole attention, the notification buzzer might be really distracting. Windows 11 Settings allow you to concentrate on your task while still being able to handle warnings and their tone. Using the techniques below, you can entirely disable these notifications —

1. Press Windows + I at the same time. 

2. Select System from the menu bar. 

3. From the right pane, choose Notifications. 

4. Under “Notifications,” flip the toggle switch on and off.

Method 2: Disable notifications in Chrome or another app. 

On a Windows 11 PC, you get notifications from all of your apps, including Xbox, browsers, Outlook, and the operating system itself. However, because Chrome is the most widely used software, the majority of notification pop-ups are from this app. You may have had negative experiences with pop-ups appearing at the top of your browser after visiting a website. If you receive a large number of notifications from a single sender, it’s likely spam, and you should stop it right once. So, how do you turn off website notifications in Windows 11?

1. Go to settings, start with a click. 

2. Choose – Options. 

3. Then select ‘System’. 

4. Select “Notifications” from the drop-down menu. 

5. Under the section “Get notifications from these senders,” scroll down to view a list of apps and programmes. 

6. To turn off Google Chrome, go to its toggle switch and click it. 

7. To turn off alerts from a single app, simply toggle off the button associated with that app.

Method 3: Disable application notifications for a set length of time. 

You may be a rigid adherent to your daily schedule and work on a Windows 11 computer that must not be interrupted at any cost for a set length of time. This version now includes the Focus assist tool, which allows you to schedule notifications for specified times. 

1. Hold down the Windows key and the S key at the same time. 

2. Assist with type focus. 

3. Enter is pressed. 

4. To enable Priority only, go to the Focus Assists Settings page and click it. 

5. Proceed to the section on automatic rules.

6. After that, select – During these periods. 

7. Allow an additional setting page to appear by clicking the arrow; turn on the setting. 

8. Using the drop-down boxes, select the Start and End times. 

Select Repeat from the dropdown menu. 

9. Choose from three options: daily, weekday, or weekend. 

10. In the Focus level, keep the Priority only option selected.

Method 4: When playing a game, turn off notifications. 

1. Using the approach outlined above, get to the Focus Assist Settings. 

2. Only Priority should be enabled. 

3. To turn off the I’m playing a game status, click the toggle switch. 

4. Click that option if you only want to disable while the game is full screen. 

5. Turn it on and assign a priority based on your requirements.

Method 5: Disable the notification counter the taskbar in Windows 11 

By following the methods below, you may quickly remove the notification counter from the Windows 11 taskbar. – 

1. From the taskbar, right-click the Notifications icon. 

2. Choose – Do not display the amount of fresh notifications.


Chrome alerts have a number of handy features. However, it may be inconvenient for some people who unintentionally selected undesired notifications. 

We’ve mentioned some fixes on how to turn off Chrome notifications that aren’t relevant to you. You may now browse and use your device with ease.

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