How do I reset an unresponsive/frozen Kindle?

How do I reset an unresponsive/frozen Kindle?

How to reset an unresponsive kindle, get answer here. The last thing you want is for your eReader to crash on you while you’re reading one of the finest historical fiction books, best romance books, or best science fiction books. Even the best Kindles occasionally experience issues. Problems like:

1. Kindle paperwhite frozen reset not working.

2. Kindle paperwhite stuck on tree screen.

3. Kindle frozen on ad screen.

Fortunately, there are a few simple techniques you may use to reboot and get everything working again.

Kindle paperwhite stuck on tree screen
Kindle paperwhite stuck on tree screen

There’s nothing to worry about if your Kindle has stalled, glitched, or is only showing a black screen. You may quickly get your Kindle back up and running by following our simple instructions on how to reset a Kindle.

A kindle can be reset in one of three ways:

1. Verify your device’s battery. 

2. First, try a soft reset. 

3. The Kindle was factory reset.

Follow below guidelines to reset an unresponsive kindle

1. Verify your device’s battery.

Even though the greatest eReaders have long battery lives, the battery will eventually run out. Although checking yours might seem apparent, many people fail to do so when their Kindle screen is black. 

Connect your gadget to a power source. A green light should be visible on the bottom of your Kindle when it is completely charged. If it isn’t charged, an amber light will be seen. If you discover that your smartphone won’t charge, it’s possible that the charging cable or the battery is broken and has to be fixed or replaced.

Try plugging in the micro USB cable that you use for your tablet or smartphone if you think your Kindle won’t charge that way; frequently, they are compatible. If this isn’t a possibility, Amazon and many reliable electrical merchants sell plenty of chargers for all Kindle versions. 

If this doesn’t work, the battery itself might be the issue. There are numerous video tutorials online that demonstrate how to install a new battery yourself, but unless you are a technician, we strongly suggest leaving this task to the professionals ho fix reset an unresponsive kindle. 

2. First, try a soft reset.

Try a soft reset as your second option. As follows: 

Press and hold the power button (which is typically on the bottom of your device but might be be on the back) until a dialogue box appears or the screen turns black, then flip open your Kindle cover. 

Hold down for a further 40 counts before releasing. 

Your Kindle should reset after a brief period. If the screen flashes while the process is running, don’t worry. That is typical.

Similar to how it’s crucial to routinely completely shut down your desktop or laptop—instead of leaving them in constant sleep mode—crucial it’s that you give your Kindle a chance to refresh occasionally. You can perform the soft reset as frequently as necessary without worrying about losing any of your data or messing up your settings.

3. The kindle was factory reset.

It can be worthwhile to start over by returning your eReader to factory settings if your Kindle battery is completely charged and operational but the device continues to freeze up. 

Choose MENU, then SETTINGS, from the Kindle’s home screen. Take the RESET DEVICE option from there. Depending on the Kindle or tablet model you are using, these instructions may change. If you’re unsure, look for the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of your homepage; they should lead you to your settings.

The material on your device will be completely erased by a factory reset, but you can download your apps, free eBooks, and top eBooks again via the Cloud or straight from your Amazon library. However, you will have to enter your WiFi password and any parental controls you had previously configured anew. 

As a side note, if you choose to sell or gift your Kindle to someone, remembering to restore factory settings will come in handy.


There are two additional alternatives to help you get your Kindle back in working order if you have attempted the steps above in vain: 

1. Go to the Kindle Digital Services and Support website. 

2. Visit the Kindle page on Facebook.

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