HP Scanner to computer not working

HP Scanner to computer not working

Hp scanner primary function is to scan or photograph a document, digitise the data, and display it on a computer screen.

Hp scanner is not working but printer is

It’s possible that your HP printer is printing but not scanning at the same time. Your printer used to work OK, but now it’s presenting an issue when scanning. This issue occur specially we are doing the scanning process. These problems could be unique to scanning to a computer. As a result, you must scan “from” the PC at least once. If that works, you can print and scan at the same time.

HP Scanner to computer not working
HP Scanner to computer not working

When there is plenty of paper within the printer, an error message appears that reads “paper is out.” Because the scan to PC setting is either deactivated or not enabled, scanning from a printer to a computer may not operate. 

Another reason the scan feature isn’t working is that the system or PC doesn’t have all of the necessary drivers loaded. 

Follow below steps

1: To begin, go to the Finder – Applications menu. 

2: Next, navigate to the HP / Hewlett Packard – Envy 5660 website. 

3: Finally, open the HP utility option and select it. 

4: Inside that tool, look for the Scan / Scan to PC option. Make sure that the Scan to PC option is turned on. 

Step 5: Last but not the least, save completed settings. Then, restart both the PC and the printer, and attempt scanning with an HP printer again. 

Step 6: HP Print and Scan Doctor is the sixth step.

However, if the following procedures do not help you scan, follow the steps below to completely reinstall the printer drivers. You may have a driver problem.

Hp scanner not working?

The causes of these issues are numerous and often difficult to pinpoint. As you might expect, a connection problem can prohibit your scanner from connecting to your computer, and software and services issues in your computer could be the cause. 

But don’t be concerned. We’ll assist you in getting your HP scanner to operate again.

Here are some solutions that have helped others address similar problems. You don’t have to try them all; just start at the top and work your way down. 

1. Examine the problem with the connection. 

2. Enable the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service and any other services that are related to it. 

3. Update your scanner’s software. 

4. Troubleshoot any hardware issues. 

5. Run the System File Checker programme.

Check to check whether your scanner works after restarting your computer. The above mentioned fixes can be followed in window 10 as well.

However, the System File Checker may occasionally miss crucial or even small errors. If the programme didn’t work, try a more sophisticated tool like Restoro, which examines your machine for invalid registry issues, fragmented files, and Windows modifications. 

HP easy scan not working.

You can follow the following mentioned steps:

1. Downloaded complete driver set

2. Removed and re-installed my printer in my Mac System Preferences. 

3. Uninstalled and re-installed HP Easy Scan(obtained from Apple App Store)

4. Directly connected my printer to my Mac via USB(previously connected on USB multi-port connector)

5. Cold booted both my printer and my Mac with printer connected.

Through these steps you can easily access your printer.

HP scanner not working on window 10?

Sometimes users face the same issue in windows 10 which they are facing in any other window. Its reason can be the printer is not compatible or connectivity error. To see if your printer is supported and find the correct software drivers. And if the problem continues you can follow the same above mentioned steps for window 10 as well.

Hope, the above mentioned methods is helpful and informative to you.

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