Why is my Epson printer connected but not printing?

Why is my Epson printer connected but not printing?

Epson printer connected but not printing solution is here. A lot of Epson printer drivers are experiencing problems with their printers. When they try to print something using their Epson printer, it doesn’t comply with their instructions.

Below is the list of Epson Printer issues

1. Epson printer printing blank pages.

2. Epson printer not printing even the ink is full.

3. Epson printer not printing colours correctly.

4. Epson printer not printing wirelessly.

These are some annoying problems. Your Epson printer won’t print anything, which can prevent you from finishing your work. But do not fret. It is repairable.

Why is my Epson printer connected but not printing?
Why is my Epson printer connected but not printing?

In this post, we’ll look at some fundamental troubleshooting techniques in an effort to restore printer functionality. 

Check to see whether an error message appears on your printer before you leave. These can occasionally be discernible enough to identify the issue. If not, continue reading to learn how to fix it.

Method 1. Verify the connection to your printer. 

1. Verify that the Internet is functioning properly if the printer is wireless. If necessary, disconnect from the network and re-connect the printer. 

2. Confirm that your device and the printer are both on the same network. 

3. Verify that the cables are properly inserted into the ports on a printer that is connected via USB. To see whether anything has changed, try a different USB port.

Method 2. Establish your printer as the default printer. 

1. Select Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners from the Start menu. 

2. Choose your Epson printer, then click Manage and Set as Default. 

Alternately, uncheck the box labelled “Let Windows manage my default printer” to force the computer to use the most recent printer you’ve installed.

Method 3. Verify the ink cartridges. 

1. Go to Printers and scanners which can be found under Settings in the Start menu. 

2. Click Printing Preferences from the context menu of your Epson printer. 

3. Click Epson Status Monitor 3 under the Maintenance tab. 

Here, you can determine which cartridges need to be changed for fresh ones. Old cartridges can occasionally lead to problems. It is advised to swap them out with new ones. 

Make sure the cartridges are always properly positioned in the tray. Additionally, make sure the cartridges are not clogged, particularly the black one. A pin can be used to unclog them.

 Method 4. Modify your drivers. 

This problem could potentially be brought on by outdated drivers, so utilise Windows settings to update yours: 

1. Open Device Manager by typing device into the taskbar. 

2. Locate your printer driver, then choose Update Driver from the context menu. 

3. Restart your computer after the procedure is finished. 

Use automated updater software as an alternative. These tools are designed to take the trouble out of manually verifying and upgrading your drivers on a regular basis.

DriverFix is a reliable updater that is simple to use and claims to always match your hardware with the right driver version, erasing any issues that can arise from installing incorrect drivers. 

Download and install the programme, launch the DF scanner, choose the drivers you wish to update, and then follow the on-screen instructions for each step to update your drivers using DriverFix. The software may be configured to perform routine scans and updates, and you can let it run in the background while you attend to other chores.

Method 5. Delete every print job. 

1. Concurrently press the Windows key and R. 

2. In the box, type services.msc. 

3. Find Print Spooler, then select Stop from the context menu. 

4. Return to your desktop and launch File Explorer. Type %windir %System32spoolPRINTERS in the address bar. 

5. Remove every file from the folder. 

6. Return to the Print Spooler service, right-click, select Start, and then confirm that Automatic Startup type is selected.

You should be able to resolve your Epson printer’s printing problems by following at least one of these procedures.

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