Amazon Kindle fire not connecting to WIFI

Amazon Kindle fire not connecting to WIFI

Amazon Kindle fire not connecting to WIFI is most asked question, read this to get answer. Amazon’s Kindle Fire is a low-cost tablet computer. The tablet’s size, which is larger than a smartphone but smaller than most other tablets, is intended to make it easy to use while yet providing a large screen. It’s a tablet computer with an LCD screen that can run programs, browse the Internet, and play video and music. Oh, and you can still read electronic books on it.

Amazon Kindle fire not connecting to WIFI
Amazon Kindle fire not connecting to WIFI

But sometimes users have a lot of trouble in connecting it to WIFI. We’ll go over a few different ways to connect your Kindle to a Wi-Fi network in this article. You may discover some stages that you were doing improperly or missing as you read this guide all the way to the conclusion.

Below steps are for Amazon Kindle fire not connecting to WIFI

Fix: 1 Your Kindle Device Must Be Restarted.

Restarting your device might sometimes assist to resolve various WiFi connectivity issues.

Follow the steps below to restart your Kindle if you don’t know how:

1. To begin, look for the power button, which can be found near the top of the screen or on the button.

2.  Then, for around 40 seconds, press and hold the power button to turn your Kindle device off. The screen will go blank and the power light will turn off, or a dialogue box may show on the screen, indicating that your device has shut off.

3. If a dialogue box displays on your Kindle fire/paperwhite, you’ll be asked to confirm whether you wish to restart your device. Then, to complete the procedure, click Restart.

4. Wait until your Kindle restarts and your whole library is reloaded. If you have a Kindle Fire, however, hit the power button for 40 seconds to restart it.

5. After that, see if the Kindle won’t connect to Wi-Fi is a problem.

Fix: 2 Restart your router/network at home

You should also restart your router to resolve Kindle device connectivity issues.

This is because restarting your home network or wireless router can often repair internet problems.

All you have to do to restart a wireless router is click the power button, turn it off for a few seconds, and then turn it back on.

If you’re not sure how to do this, consult your router’s handbook. An on/off switch can be found on the back or side of many WiFi routers. You can alternatively restart your router by following the steps outlined below:

1. To begin, turn off your WiFi router or modem.

2. Then unplug the device’s power cable from the wall outlet.

3. Leave your router in this state for a few minutes.

4. Connect the power cord and turn your gadget on after that.

Wait until all of your router’s LED light indicators have stopped blinking.

5. Then try connecting your Kindle to a WiFi network to see if that fixes the problem.

Fix: 3 Upgrade your Kindle software.

Whether you have a Kindle Paperwhite or another model, you do not have the most recent version due to problems connecting to a WiFi network.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to upgrade your Kindle software. We’ve included a step-by-step instruction below that you may follow!

1. Connect your kindle device to your laptop first.

2. Then seek for the newest software for your Kindle device on the Kindle software update webpage.

3. Select “download” from the menu. It will begin downloading on its own.

4. After the download is finished, transfer the file to your Kindle device.

5. Then press the Menu button on your Kindle device.

6. Then go to Settings and select Update Your Kindle.

7. To begin updating your Kindle software, press OK.

8. Please wait once the update is finished.

After you’ve finished, see if your Kindle can connect to a Wi-Fi network.


The Kindle is the ideal companion for anyone who enjoys reading yet wants to do so in a sustainable manner. However, as with any technology, you may experience WIFI problems. Fortunately, after reading this article, you will be able to easily resolve your Kindle’s connectivity issue.

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