Forget parental control password on Amazon Kindle fire tablet.

Forget parental control password on Amazon Kindle fire tablet.

Forget parental control password on Kindle then read this article to get solutions. Fire tablets come with its own email, camera, and web surfing apps, as well as Amazon’s own video service, Prime Video, and music streaming service, Amazon Music. Finally, Amazon wants you to use its services, purchase apps from its app shop, download books from its Kindle store, and purchase physical goods from its main store.

Forget parental control password on Kindle
Forget parental control password on Kindle

The Amazon Fire tablet comes preloaded with a variety of programmes and services that allow you to surf the web, watch and listen to videos, and do a lot more. The Amazon app store app, on the other hand, makes it simple to download new apps.

This article will show you how to reset the parental password on your Amazon fire tablet or Kindle fire (but you’ll have to reset the entire kindle Paper-white because there’s no way to just change the parental password).

Forgot parental control password for kindle fire.

To reset your Kindle Fire, all you need is the password you use to access onto Amazon’s website.

1. You’ll be prompted to enter your password when you go to Settings > Parental Controls.

2. After five wrong guesses, a link to reset your password by login into your Amazon account will display in the window. Enter your password after tapping the link.

3. The password on the Kindle Fire will be reset if you enter a new password. To make sure it works, enter the new one in the Parental Controls menu.

Tip: Until you change your password, it will continue to work. You can turn off the setting totally if you suddenly remember it.

You can also reset your Kindle Fire to factory settings, but this will erase all of your data. If you can afford to lose what’s on there, go ahead and do it.

Reset parental control password for kindle.

You’ll be able to access your Kindle reader if you forget the passcode, but all data you’ve saved on the device will be lost.

1. When prompted for a passcode, turn on your Kindle and type “111222777.” This will reset the device to factory settings, wiping any downloaded files, account information, and Wi-Fi passwords from the device.

Tip: To ensure that you don’t lose your place in your current book, open it in the Kindle Cloud Reader or on your phone’s Kindle app and bookmark the page you’re on.

2. Re-enter your Amazon password into your Kindle and follow the prompts as needed. You’ll also need to supply it with your Wi-Fi password.

Forgot kindle password.

Regrettably, Amazon makes it difficult to change your Kindle passcode. When you try to sign in to your Kindle with the wrong passcode, there is no choice to reset the passcode, and there doesn’t appear to be an online mechanism for doing so either. To get access to your Kindle again, you’ll need to reset it.

You must have the existing password to choose a new one on a Kindle device. Enter the existing code in Settings > Device Options > Device Passcode > Change Passcode. Create a new passcode and confirm it. The exact settings may vary depending on the device.

There is an easy workaround if you forget the code, but it will restore your Kindle to factory settings, erasing all content, including the passcode and your Amazon account information.


We hope this information was useful in resolving the issue of the Amazon kindle fire tablet’s parental control password being forgotten. Once you’ve figured out how to reset parental restrictions on a kindle fire, as you’ve read above, getting back in is rather simple. Hope the above mentioned fixes helps you in resolving the issue.

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