How do I connect my hp Printer to a new wireless network?

How do I connect my hp Printer to a new wireless network?

Connect my hp Printer to a new wireless network is very common problem, read this article to get fix. Hp has been one of the known companies of the printing organisation, and it has a tremendous user base, making it reliable. It has been giving extraordinary features to its clients in their printers. They have each sort of printer, whether it’s for colossal business or the little ones. They work to meet the printing needs that the clients have had these days. 

connect my hp printer to a new wireless network
connect my hp printer to a new wireless network

And if you have the HP printer and are looking for the steps to connect it, then the article helps you with it. Read the article and find out about the same. 

How to connect a Hp printer to a computer wirelessly?

Here are the steps of how to set up an HP wireless printer. So, follow the steps carefully and properly.

Step 1: Collect information of network name and password/ how to connect HP printer to wifi router

  1. Before Connect the HP printer to wifi, a user must ensure the computer, printer, and router are turned on.
  2. A user also requires the SSID name and access point encryption to link to the network.
  3. A network password is also necessary to start the process.
  4. A Wi-Fi-linked PC is also required.

A user must ensure that the system and HP are connected to the same wifi network. And the printer is placed within the range of the network area. If the printer is not within the scope of the web, it may hamper the printer’s performance and cause you trouble.

In case there are Ethernet cables attached, remove them.

Step 2: Connect HP Printer to wifi

  1. Firstly, a user needs to open the printer machine’s wireless configuration wizard to connect it to wifi.
  2. In the next step, power on the printer.
  3. A user needs to go to the printer device’s control panel and tap the wireless icon.
  4. Press the configuration icon.
  5. And then press the wireless settings.
  6. A user needs to tap on the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  7. After that, carefully read and follow the instructions on the Control Panel.

Step 3: Install and Download HP Printer Software

Here are the steps to install and download the printer software. So, a user must go through the steps to install and download the printer software. Also, connect the HP wifi printer to the computer

  1. First of all, a user is required to power on the HP printer.
  2. If it is required to attach the USB cord during the software installation process, attach it. Otherwise, remove the USB cord from the machine.
  3. A user needs to visit the HP support page to download the driver and software.
  4. Once the page opens, a user must select the software according to the printer model.
  5. Select your printer model and then click on the Submit option.
  6. And in case you want to change your operating system, click on the change option.
  7. After that, a user must choose the operating system version and select the change button.
  8. Locate the driver heading option, and here click on the download button.
  9. Once the software is downloaded into your system, install it.


We hope that through this article, you get to know some of how to connect an HP printer to a computer wirelessly. It would help if you ensured a strong and stable internet connection for a better printing experience. Professionals will help you out. If you encounter any difficulties, you can contact the HP executives. 

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