How to install Lexmark printer without CD

How to install Lexmark printer without CD

As we know, Lexmark offers various functions for a better experience for the users. And thus, if you are wondering about the steps of a Setup Lexmark printer without a cd, this article will guide you. So read the article, and get to know the steps. 

install Lexmark printer without cd
install Lexmark printer without cd

Install Lexmark printer on windows10 without cd

Step 1: First of all, spot your Lexmark printer where it is effectively available. Ensure you clean that region first.

Since supposing that you put it on the dusty area will hamper your printer work like residue hampers your inkjet.

Step 2: You want to interface USB to your Lexmark printer after this. It permits the immediate association between your PC and your Lexmark printer.

Step 3: You want to connect the USB to your framework.

Step 4: It spells almost certain doom for your USB associated with your Lexmark printer and the opposite finish to your framework. Ensure the wire is in a straight line, not curved.

Step 4: One end of your USB is connected to your Lexmark printer, and the other end to your system. Make sure the wire is in a straight line, not twisted.

Step 5: Make sure your Lexmark printer is connected to your system, and once you have done it, you will get a notification from your system.

Step 6: Afterwards, install the printer drivers from Lexmark’s official website. For this, you need to visit Lexmark’s official website.

Step 7: On the Lexmark website, you need to locate the link to download the printer drivers.

Step 8: Then, you will ask them to mention your printer model type and currently using OS version.

Step 9: After mentioning your details correctly, you will be able to download the drivers from the Lexmark website.

Step 10: Go to the folder where your downloaded files are being stored.

Step 11: There, find the installer bundled record. These bundled documents are related to the installer records.

Step 12: Then, you want to tap on the installer document.

Step 13: You want to make one final advance when it is done. For this, you want to visit the Hardware area.

Step 14: You want to pick the Printer and Fax choice there. When you choose the Printer and Fax choice, then, at that point, open the rundown of gadgets.

Lexmark printer wireless setup

To begin the process, a user must download the printer software. A user can either choose a CD or go to the LEXMARK printer’s official website for it. Here according to the printer model, download the Lexmark printer software.

A user must have the below requirements to complete the setup process:

1. Network Name

2. Network Password

3. The computer and printer should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Steps to Lexmark printer wireless setup

A user needs to go through the following steps to complete the setup process. So, have a look.

Step1: Firstly, a user needs to turn on the printer and computer.

Step2: In the next step, press and hold the Wi-Fi network button on the control panel.

Step3: A user needs to hold the button until the light blinks.

Step4: A user needs to wait until the printer and router find a network connection.

Step5: Once the printer light is on and steady, the printer connects to the network.

Step 6: Lastly, a user can easily download the Lexmark printer software.

Download Lexmark Printer drivers without disc

On the off chance, you have lost your printer driver disc, or due to any other reason, you cannot download the Lexmark printer drivers with the help of CD, so you need not worry.

There is another way around it. You can easily do it by moving to the official website of Lexmark. Here you will get the printer driver installation packages. You can easily download the drivers from the official website and install them in your system.


We hope the article helps you, install the Lexmark printer without a cd. So, refer to these mentioned steps. Lexmark printers have excellent functions, and in case you find any issue with your Lexmark printer, you can contact the experts.

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