How to install Brother Printer without CD?

How to install Brother Printer without CD?

Brother is a well-known brand that produces printers that provide feasible and well-organized business solutions. They make durable, well-built printers with good page yields at a reasonable price, and their ink cartridges need to replace less frequently. By hitting the SCAN key on your Brother machine’s control panel, you can scan and save a document in PDF format to a specified folder. Refer to the FAQ “Scan several pages into one file instead of each scan being stored as a separate file” if you wish to scan numerous pages into one file.

How to install Brother Printer without CD
How to install Brother Printer without CD?

But there are times when we get stuck while doing the installation and setup process for the printer on our PC.

People frequently ask the following questions:

1. How to download brother printer software without CD?

2. How to connect a brother printer to a computer without CD?

3. Can I install Brother Printer without CD?

And many questions like that. So, in this article, we will provide answers to all of your questions!

How to download brother printer software without CD?

Downloading the Brother Printer software without a CD is a feasible task to do if you follow the following steps appropriately:

1) The printer must be connected to the computer and turned on.

2) will plug the USB cable into the computer and printer’s USB ports.

3) Can start the computer by pressing the start button.

4) A list of devices and printers will now appear on your screen.

5) You can add a printer from the top of the page.

How to connect Brother Printer to computer without CD?

There are two methods for connecting your printer to your computer: wireless and wired. 

1. Wirelessly connect the printer to your computer. 

If your printer has wireless capabilities, using it wirelessly ought to be your first choice, as it allows you to position it in any convenient area in your home. Here’s how you do it:

The most frequent method for connecting your printer to your wireless network is as follows:

Use the WPS button to connect your printer to a wireless connection.

I press the WPS button if your Printer and Router have a WPS pairing button on the printer for 2 minutes before pressing the corresponding button on the router.

After you hit the button, the link will finish automatically.

2. Using a cord, connect the printer to the computer.

Follow the steps below to connect your printer to your computer using a cable:

1) Look at the ports on the back of your printer and your computer to determine which cables are needed to connect them.

There are three types of printer cables: USB AB, Ethernet, and parallel.

2) Connect the printer and computer via the cord.

After completing this step, your computer will automatically detect your printer and install the appropriate driver.

Can I install Brother Printer without CD?

1. From Brother’s official website, you can download their items. Even if you don’t have a CD-ROM, you can install Brother Printers. Brother Printers can be installed if you have a stable connection by following the mentioned steps:

2. You can choose “Printers” from the “Select Product Group” menu.

3. Your Brother printer’s model number can be found here.

So the method mentioned above will help you install Brother Printer without CD.

The following suggestions that we’ve explained in this article will help you solve all your problems in just seconds. I hope you understand the solution and solve it feasibly! We expect the report will be able to fix the issues related to the concept.

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