VLC Media player is not working on windows 10

VLC Media player is not working on windows 10

VLC Media Player is an unbound multimedia player that allows you to listen to and watch music and videos. VLC Media Player is available for Mac, Microsoft Windows PCs, iOS, and Android devices. While the user alliance is simple, the platform offers dynamic features that allow you to tailor your viewing experience. Many people use VLC worldwide, on a variety of media, for various purposes.

VLC Media player is not working
VLC Media player is not working

VLC is created and supported by a community of volunteers as part of the VideoLAN project. In February 2001, the institution École Centrale Paris began the VideoLAN project, which relicensed VLC under the GPLv2 license. VLC has been downloaded billions of times since then.

But sometimes, while using the app, users see many issues on their screen, like:

  1. VLC media is not playing video.
  2. VLC media player audio is not working.
  3. The VLC media player has stopped working.
  4. The VLC network stream is not working.

There are numerous ways to troubleshoot your VLC Player, depending on the issue. It could be as simple as leaving and restarting VLC or a more complex problem involving your video card. Other typical VLC playing issues can be caused by your Preferences or by trying to play a codec that isn’t currently installed in your player.

Look at the following steps to fix your VLC media player, which has stopped working.


Reset your preferences in the “General” panel, then exit and reload VLC.


Delete the VLC configuration file from your user directory and try again. VLC is located in the C-Drive for Windows XP users: percent username percent Application Datavlcvlcrc C: Documents and Settings. 

Users of Mac OS X: HOME/Library/Preferences/VLC 

VLC should be downloaded and relaunched.


Upgrade your video card directly from the manufacturer; this is often a free upgrade. Alternatively, you can disable the overlay on your video by going to:

“Preferences/General/Video” and unchecking “Overlay Video Output.”


By going to “Preferences” and selecting “Video,” you can change your video’s “output module.” Select “Output Modules” from the drop-down menu and try another option (VideoLan will suggest you try the “DirectX video output,” which states that it has helped numerous people who experience “purple video”).

The method mentioned below is to resolve the issue of the network stream tool not working in VLC.

Follow the following steps:

1. Open the VLC.

2. On media, choose Open Network Stream.

3. Paste Video URL from Youtube.

4. At last, tap on the play button.

VLC player no sound is a problem that causes a lot of users to get annoyed on occasion. The most typical scenarios that cause a VLC no sound or VLC no audio MP4 problem are listed below.

Corrupted Video Files 

Missing or faulty codecs 

Errors found in Configuration Setting 

The simple methods below will assist you in resolving a VLC Player No Sound issue:


The first step in resolving VLC No Sound is to unmute the audio in VLC. Unmuting the VLC media player is a simple technique. The instructions listed below should be sufficient to get you started.

Go to the Audio section of VLC Media Player. 

Choose “Mute” from the drop-down menu. 

Open the “Tools” menu, then “Preferences.” 

 Select Audio from the drop-down menu and select the Enable Audio option.


When the sound device is deactivated, one of the most common causes of VLC no sound problems is that the sound device is disabled. 

Go to your computer’s settings and enable sound to solve this problem. You only need to follow a few easy steps to accomplish this. 

Step 1: Open “Hardware and Sound” in the Control Panel. By hitting the Windows key and typing Control Panel, you can do so.

Step 2: Open “Sound” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Right-click all devices and select “enable” from the drop-down menu. 

Step 4: Finally, click apply and okay to save the settings you’ve made. 

This straightforward procedure should resolve the VLC audio problem. There is no need to be concerned if this does not solve the problem.

Hope the above article is informative and useful to you.

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