How to fix Microsoft outlook not receiving emails 

How to fix Microsoft outlook not receiving emails 

MS Outlook is one of the famously known email administrations to send and receive messages. But, there are times when you might face outlook errors while sending and receiving an email message. It is one of the frustrating issues, and there are many reasons why you end up facing the error.

Microsoft outlook not receiving emails 
Microsoft outlook not receiving emails 

Outlook has many amazing features, but in between, you can face the issue of outlook emails not coming through, and you end up having Microsoft outlook not receiving emails problem.
It occurs due to the following:

1. Maybe the sender enters the wrong mail address. If the sender enters the incorrect mail address, you won’t receive the mail.

2. The outdated version of Outlook leads you to face this issue.

3. Some viruses or malware could affect the windows and lead you to face this issue.

4. A low internet connection may lead you to suffer this issue.

Solutions to fix Outlook not receiving emails but can send problem

Solution 1: Filter

There are times when a user is not able to receive emails. In this case, a user needs to check the filter setting. 

Follow the below-given steps.

1. First, a user needs to log into an Outlook mail account.

2. In the next step, go to the settings option.

3. Under setting, choose filter settings.

4. Now, a user needs to check the account settings.

5. Here, if a user finds any filters, they need to delete them.

6. Last, check if you receive emails or not.

Solution 2: Blocked emails

If a user does not find any filter, then a user should check the block settings. There are chances that you may have blocked the new emails from the senders. So a user needs to check the Block settings.

Solution 3: Server settings

Many users cannot receive new emails due to incorrect server settings. There are chances that you have an incorrect server setting. So a user should check the server settings, and if there is something incorrect, then a user needs to reconfigure it.

Solution 4: 

Check Your Spam Folder

A user needs to verify the spam folder first. Many emails are direct to the spam folder due to your settings. So always check your spam folder for your emails.

Method 5: Request the sender to send the email again

A user needs to request the sender to send the email again and tell the sender to ensure that he enters the correct email address.’

Users can take the following solutions if Outlook does not send emails in Windows 10

Solution 1: Check the attachment limit

If your mail server allows a message up to a 25 MB limit, you can modify the outlook attachment limit. But a user must back up the registry before making any changes to it. It helps the users to restore the system to its original state.

Solution 2: Compress to trim the files to size

Another way to fix the error is to resize the file. It is one of the easiest ways to solve the error. It helps the users avoid 20% of the original size of the document or file. Outlook tool helps the users to fix the error. It ensures the limit of the files.

If you are a Windowfanatic user, go to the file and right-click on it. And then, select the compress option.


We wish the article helps you fix your Microsoft outlook not receiving emails.

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