How to find WIFI password on Windows 10

How to find WIFI password on Windows 10

If you have this question ‘about how to find wifi password on windows 10, then the article is helpful. As we know, it is quite common when we don’t remember our password. We must use a strong password for security, but it is difficult to remember it all the time.

find WIFI password on Windows 10
find WIFI password on Windows 10

And to tackle this situation, Windows 10 offers us ways to view network passwords.  

How to check wifi password on windows 10 

There are multiple ways to deal with the How to see wifi password windows 10 situation.

Here are some of the methods for you to find WIFI password on Windows 10.

Method 1: Use Windows settings to view wifi password

  1. From the Start menu, click on the Settings option.
  2. And then click on the Network & Internet option.
  3. Go to the Status section.
  4. And now, scroll down and click on Network and Sharing Center.
  5. Now you must click on your wifi name in the View your active networks section.
  6. After that, you need to move to the Security tab.
  7. You must check the checkbox next to Show characters to view your wifi password.

Method 2: Use the Control panel to see the wifi password

  1. Open your system and go to the Control Panel on Windows 10.
  2. Look for the Network and Internet options and choose them.
  3. Now, you need to click on Network and Sharing Center.
  4. And then, you are required to choose the Change adapter settings option from the left pane.
  5. Next, you need to double-click the wireless adapter.
  6. Click the Wireless Properties button and the “Security” tab.
  7. Move to the “Network security key” field
  8. Last, you need to check the Show characters option to view the wifi password on Windows 10.

Method 3: Use a Power Shell command

Another way to fix How to get a wifi password from a computer problem is using the power shell command. Moreover, with the help of this method, you get to see all the networks your PC has connected to before. And to use this method, you need to know the name of the wifi network to use the netsh command. Now, try the below steps.

  1. Begin with right-clicking on the Start menu.
  2. In the next step, choose the Power Shell option from the list.
  3. Now, enter the netsh wlan show profiles command.
  4. Hit the enter key.
  5. And then, you will see all the saved network names under the User profiles.
  6. Here, you need to copy the name of your network.
  7. Paste it in the place wifi name part.
  8. After that, you will see the information about this network.
  9. You can see the password in the Security setting section.

Method 4: Use a third-party wifi password viewer

If you don’t want to try the above methods or frequently need to view wifi passwords, then using the third-party wifi password viewer is helpful for you. You can easily see your wifi password with the help of the third-party application. The third-party app also helps you in other ways, like importing wifi passwords from another PC/Windows or exporting them. So, download and install the third-party app.


We hope you find the article worthy. We have tried to present the methods so that you can try them very easily. All the methods are straightforward to perform. So, go through them and choose the best one for you. You can also contact the expert in case of any doubts.  

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